What we do

Lenox Hill’s HealthPlex represents a new era of health care – focused on convenience, the latest technology and service to the community. Unlike a typical urgent care center, we provide 24/7 emergency care to the entire community. Our approach is designed to enhance patient convenience and access to emergency care that is uniquely efficient and accessible.

Our freestanding emergency department provides round-the-clock access to physicians and nursing staff who are board certified in emergency medicine. We can handle any medical emergency that a traditional, hospital-based ER might treat. The Lenox Hill HealthPlex serves everyone, regardless of ability to pay.

As New York City’s first freestanding emergency department, we offer:

Backed by the North Shore-LIJ Health System

The Lenox Hill HealthPlex may not be physically located within a hospital, but it is a vital program of one of the largest healthcare systems in New York State. This means the resources and knowledge of our vast clinical network (including 17 hospitals, more than 2,600 full-time physicians and 9,400 affiliated practitioners) support every single patient we treat.

The Lenox Hill HealthPlex experience: your care, your doctor, your choice

When you arrive at the Lenox Hill HealthPlex, you will be met by a nurse and emergency department associates to begin your registration and triage process simultaneously – so you don’t have to repeat yourself. Our patient-centered culture ensures that you will be heard and helped quickly.

After you’ve been brought back to one of our 26 private beds you will be seen by a board certified emergency medicine physician. Our doctors will work with you and your personal physicians to develop a plan of care for you upon leaving the emergency department. The transfer of care between our physicians and your personal doctors will be seamless, without you having to worry about updating your doctor on the care you received at the Lenox Hill HealthPlex. Patients who are seen at Lenox Hill HealthPlex and need to be hospitalized will be transferred to the hospital of their choice within the New York metropolitan area.

What’s to come

As the Lenox Hill HealthPlex grows, it will build on its commitment to community-based medicine by adding additional services, including:

Lenox Hill HealthPlex

Lenox Hill HealthPlex is the first freestanding emergency room in Manhattan and part of the North Shore-LIJ Health System, one of the nation’s largest healthcare systems.

North Shore-LIJ Health System