Community Based Medicine

What is community based medicine?

Lenox Hill HealthPlex was developed with a focus on the concept of community-based medicine. In this model, the wants and needs of the local population are critical factors in determining how to deliver care. This includes not only treating people close to their home with services that they need, but also working with their local personal physicians to ensure smooth transition of care.

Why is it important?

The Lenox Hill HealthPlex is a freestanding emergency department in the heart of the West Village. The Lenox Hill HealthPlex will serve anyone who comes through the doors, from children to the elderly and everyone in between, regardless of their ability to pay. The community population does not have to travel uptown or across town for emergency care, but rather the residents have access to emergency care whenever they need it and in a location convenient for them.

How will patients benefit from community-based medicine?

When a patient goes to an emergency department outside of their local community, it heightens the possibility that care received will not be communicated fully and efficiently to the local primary physician upon discharge. If the patient is responsible for having to relay discharge instructions to their primary physician, this causes inconvenience to the patient as well as increasing the risk that information may be miscommunicated or lost altogether.

At the Lenox Hill HealthPlex, our physicians place a high priority on working with the network of local doctors, connecting and communicating to determine the best way to provide care to the local population. The Lenox Hill HealthPlex offers telemedicine capabilities in every room, so a patient’s doctor can be involved in care if the patient chooses. Doctors in the community are notified about their patients who visit the Lenox Hill HealthPlex, including access to records, invitations to visit their patient and be involved in care on site. Our goal is to connect to local physicians in as many ways as possible so there is a smooth transition of information and care when the patient leaves the Lenox Hill HealthPlex.

How do community care needs impact services?

Community-based medicine goes beyond the individual patient and physician interaction. We take the input and needs of the West Village community in mind at the Lenox Hill HealthPlex – from maintaining the architecture of the facility to determining services that are available to our patients. Each neighborhood is unique, and only by meeting with physicians and community members can the staff of an emergency department understand how to best treat their population. We are proud of the work we have done to connect with our population, understand their needs and build processes to provide the most efficient, advanced care possible.

Lenox Hill HealthPlex

Lenox Hill HealthPlex is the first freestanding emergency room in Manhattan and part of the North Shore-LIJ Health System, one of the nation’s largest healthcare systems.

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